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Imagine what it would have looked like if communication continued as it were in the early 20th century. I guess it would have been hell since the world population is on a rapid rise. Telephone communication at the time was restricted to a few -usually the elite. If you had been born at the time, you would have most definitely been a kid. Trust me, you would have had so much restriction using the telephone, and you would have felt terrible. Now let’s return to realtime. Would you also have your kids think the same way you would have felt back then? Possibly not. The truth is, times have changed, and so have events. You wouldn’t want to live the 1900s in the 2000s. You still may not be convinced as to why your kids should have a cellphone. To this end, here are 8 reasons your kids should have a cellphone.

Kids should have a cellphone to ease communication.


The foremost reason for which Graham Bell invented the telephone is communication. Communication is the essence of human existence. Any human who exists in isolation loses contact with being human. For this reason, a key ingredient to being human is effective interaction.

More so, communication can only be complete when feedback is accurate. If communication is the essence of human existence and kids are humans, they should not be deprived. Have you ever left your house and felt a nudge to leave a message for your kid but couldn’t? It must have been hell for you at the moment. Probably, you would have blamed yourself if anything had gone wrong. Yes, such situations play out over and over again. But must it always be that way?

In your absence, you should be able to communicate with your child and vice versa. Is this not enough reason your kid should have a cellphone? You may need to have a rethink and hit the phone shop right away.

Having a cellphone helps kids with research work.

Considering the times we live in, where information floats in space, your child needs a cellphone. Most researches have been accomplished with just the aid of a cellphone. Kids are often given such projects in schools, and computer access might be difficult. But with the cellphone and an internet connection handy, the project is done. As a parent, you are obligated to equip your child with whatever requirements their academic pursuit demands. You wouldn’t want to be the reason behind their failure, would you? So long as it is within your purchasing power, you owe that child a cellphone to help them with their research. Besides, it saves you money, time, and energy as an alternative to cafes.

Owning a cellphone helps your child to be abreast with recent happenings.

It will be totally out of place and unfair if a 21st-century kid is unaware of current happenings. As stated in the introduction, you wouldn’t live a 1900s life in the 2000s. Times have changed and so have series of events. As events keep unfolding, information about them is stored in space. Real-time events can also be obtained through a virtual platform. It would be archaic to confine your child to events in the past. Allowing them the luxury of newspapers is not just enough. They need cellphones too to be steps ahead. Information Communication Technology has gone beyond the present into the future. Through set algorithms, predictions can be made about the future, yet, you want your child locked away in the past? I doubt so.

With a cellphone, your kid could build a network of friends.


Most lasting friendships had been set up via virtual platforms. Before the internet surfaced, it used to be ‘pen friends.’ Those friends whom we always shared correspondence with but never met. At some point, we also visited those whom we could. I bet we had our moments of fun, and such memories can not be erased. Such connections have been made easier and less expensive these days. A few minutes on “the blue app” can get one as many friends as possible. Even your children can select the kind of friends they wish to keep. All they need do is go to the user’s profile, and boom, they decide. Just with a few clicks, new friends are made. What this does is, helps kill boredom and builds synergies. You had pen friends? Allow your kids to have internet friends – though with a bit of supervision.

You can hold your kid accountable when they have a cellphone.


Giving your child a cellphone means holding them responsible for the information. If there is a breach in communication and something goes wrong when your kid should have called, you ask them. They should report whatever happens in your absence, so long as you deserve to be aware. If anything goes amiss, they should be held responsible. Armed with this knowledge, your kids will buckle up and take charge of situations. It makes you confident that your kids can handle certain things in your absence because you can hold them accountable.

Having a cellphone gives kids social relevance.

Most kids want to stand out in the crowd, and their cellphones help them with this. In discussions, they do not want to be left out. They always want to have up-to-date information or ideas to share. No kid wants to be seen as a dummy. Having a cellphone helps your kid to prove that they are not dummies but relevant to society. Sometimes, they also love to show off their gadgets. I once saw a kid proudly brandishing a new cellphone that her father got her as a birthday present. She proudly stated that her father loved her so much and that she loved him too. You may not know this, but your kids’ show-off, and sometimes, they attribute those goodies to you.

With a cellphone, a child stays alert.

Why your kids need a cellphone

I remember when I had my first cellphone, I always expected a call. I sometimes assumed I had a call. It got to a point where I could hear my phone ring even when it didn’t. Sometimes, I could predict when I would have a call. Did you ever feel the same way? That is a kind of mental alertness that comes with having a cellphone. Your kids, too, will get the same feelings of attention, and it helps them to be aware of their surroundings. With this level of alertness, nothing takes them unawares as their senses are alert at all times.

Your kids can detect and handle emergencies if they own a cellphone.

In your absence, your kids can handle emergencies if taught to. There are emergency helplines to dial when such situations come up. Your kid does not have to wait for you to return before fixing certain things. In the event of a fire outbreak, the kid should be able to reach the fire department without stress. If they had to wait for you to return, the house would be razed down. Why not get that kid a cellphone today?

Apart from these 8 reasons your kids should have a cellphone, what other reasons do you know? 

We sure would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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