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It is usually believed that a parent’s personality is mirrored in their children’s disposition. In other words, the way a child behaves is a reflection of their parent’s true identity. Therefore, truancy consequences for parents could be grievous. This is because whatever the child does will most likely be traced back to their parents. A story was once told of a young man convicted of theft and sent to the gallows. Before heading for the gallows, he made a simple request, “may I see my mother just this once?” Being a harmless request, they took him to the woman. The sentenced thief went closer to his mother and bit off her ears. His reasons were that she knew he was going the wrong path but did nothing to help him.

Truancy consequences on parents

Though many others may hold a different belief, truancy usually has its consequences. These consequences can, however, be slight or severe, depending on the gravity of the crime committed.
On this note, we shall look at truancy consequences for parents from both internal and external perspectives.

Internal truancy consequences for parents.

These set of consequences are usually the most difficult to handle. They mostly lead to worse conditions than the external. A parent whose child exhibits forms of irresponsibility at home and outside will likely be sickly. This sickness which is usually diagnosed as blood pressure-related, develops from excessive thoughts. These thoughts are generally about the welfare of their irresponsible children. And with the current economic state of the nation, what will be their fate?

Most of these parents die in the condition of lack of care by the same irresponsible youngsters. Some parents end up in paralysis due to shock caused by their children’s irresponsibility. The situation is usually a sorry one because they can only be cared for by a trained spiritualist. In the long run, both fathers are affected.

At other times, parents suddenly became greatly bothered and began to sink deep in thoughts. As they keep thinking of these things, depression sets in. Imagine that you have a child for whom you pay so much fees, yet they abscond. What would be your reaction to such irresponsibility? You do not need to tell me that; I can already see it on your face. This is precisely what almost all parents go through -disappointments.

Whenever parents find themselves alone, they sulk. At the sight of other responsible children in the neighborhood, they weep silently. When they see hooligans, their minds flashback to their kids, even the Police can, and their sirens send chills down their spines. This is because, at all times, parents are always thinking about their child. They are always trying to know what’s up with their children. They can no longer grasp the whole thing because it is getting tough on them. When your kids move out of your house and say nothing to you, there’s a problem. Please fix it.

Truancy consequences for parents

Parents passing through this kind of internal pain usually have a reduced lifespan.

Sometimes, it leads them to drunkenness, huge debts, and other unhealthy practices.
Meanwhile, their children care less. Some parents have even gone ahead to take their own lives in the process. This could be because they were unable to bear the whole troubles. Yet, other parents care nothing about the life of their children. To them, whatever must be must be. They choose to take life the way it comes, enjoy themselves and die when death comes.

External truancy consequences for parents.

Take a closer look at your neighborhood, and you’ll notice a whole lot. Among the things you see, observe parents with wayward children too. These parents are usually the ‘laughing stock’ in such a society. People typically speak ill of them. This attitude is usually not because of them but because of their children’s behavior.Parents to such children suffer a lot in the hands of many.

Sometimes, people say things to their hearing, but most times, it’s just gossiping. But the truth is, gossips kill faster than outright rebuke. So, when such parents are being gossiped about, they feel so bad. People do not respect them, and they rain insults on them at will.

Truancy consequences for parents

Some of these parents are embarrassed in public and, in most cases, assaulted. In some countries, parents have been arrested because of crimes their children committed. You wouldn’t want to be that parent, would you? Of course not.

Same way you wouldn’t want to be accosted by people on your way out over your child’s truancy. Or receive constant ill-reports of your child from their school. You definitely wouldn’t want to be beaten or arrested because you had an irresponsible child. You wouldn’t want to get into huge debts and bankruptcy while trying to save your child’s ass. Becoming the community’s topic for discussion on such a note wouldn’t be good. So you try as much as you can to avoid all of that.

Interestingly, many parents, just like you, have tried to avoid such scenarios. Some have even decided to disown their children but have failed in their quest. These parents do all they can to stay apart from their children. But when the foundation is not firmly laid, the building comes crashing.
A faulty foundation cannot hold a building for long.

Truancy consequences on parents

When parents fail in their responsibility of raising responsible children, they suffer the consequences of such failure. It is like a tennis ball hurled to a wall; it returns at higher speed and crushes your balls. Sometimes, it is like a billiard-ball reaction; it sets off from one point, hits other angles before dropping back. Its effects are most times extremely unbearable.

The best way to avoid this is for parents to understand and set values and principles. These principles and values are what your family members live by. However, in your firmness as a parent, try to be a bit flexible.

Become friends with your children to create room for communication.

When this happens, your children can always tell you things. Even things you never knew could happen. When there is a friendship bond between parents and their children, parenting becomes more effortless.

Create time for your children.

Take a walk together, share a talk too, begin to teach them stuff early. They should know the consequences of acting in a wrong way and the gains of doing good.

With these, you would have saved yourself truancy consequences for parents.

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