Increasing Problem of Work Life Balance and it’s Impact on Marriage 


Tips on How to Avoid Power Struggle With Children as a Parent


Family and it’s Impact on Teenage Delinquency



Increasing Problem of Work Life Balance and it's Impact on Marriage 

18 Mins read
In today’s fast-paced world, work has become a significant part of our lives. As a result, the work-life balance has become increasingly…

Tips on How to Avoid Power Struggle With Children as a Parent

7 Mins read
As a parent, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in power struggles with your children. Whether it’s over bedtime, screen time, or…

Family and it's Impact on Teenage Delinquency

9 Mins read
Family is the basic unit of society, and it is where children learn social norms, values, and attitudes. However, a family can…

Psychological Effect of Parental Employment and Early Childcare

10 Mins read
Parental employment and early childcare have become increasingly common in modern society. As more and more families rely on dual incomes to…

How to Manage Your Parental Anger and Still Keep Your Cool

7 Mins read
Parenting can be a challenging task, and sometimes it can be frustrating and overwhelming, leading to parental anger. However, managing your anger…
Anxiety in teenagers

Anxiety and Drug Abuse in Teens: How to Recognize the Connection

4 Mins read
Drug abuse is a serious issue affecting individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. It is defined as the excessive or inappropriate…
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