How To Become A Good Nanny

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Being a nanny can be very frustrating. It becomes even more frustrating when you try to figure out ways on how to become a good nanny.  However, after reading this post, you will find a number of clues as to becoming a good nanny for an infant.

As was mentioned earlier, it is frustrating and quite difficult for one to become a good nanny for an infant. This is because infants seem a bit more challenging to handle than grownups. Infants require extra care and attention than grownups. This is because they hardly speak but gesture in very confusing manners.

An infant cries to express hunger, pain, the need to sleep, and many other feelings. A good nanny now must find out what the child needs. But so many nannies do not know at all, and it becomes frustrating.

Happily, the tips in this post will help you understand what this thing is about. Since there are a few complaints about being a successful nanny. Think about the big question you have and answer it. “How Do I Become a Good Nanny?” With this question answered, you are on your way to freedom. And the good thing is that this post will give you clues. Yes, hints on how to become an excellent nanny to an infant.

You must also know that this post does not assert but suggest. This is because what works for one may not work for another. Again, children react differently to different situations, and so, the same methods may not be favorable.

For this reason, I shall tell you the reverse effect of some of the tips. These will help you plan and choose your methods wisely.

To be an excellent nanny to infants, you should set time limits.

Timing is essential to a kid’s development. If you begin early to teach that child to be time-conscious, it sticks. So, you time all your activities and adhere to such timing. A child succeeds when they’re conscious of the fact that there’s time for everything. So, they build their activities around a set time and achieve them as scheduled. As they grow, they are able to set and achieve goals because they’ve been trained. There are, however, exceptions to this. Kids with this regimented training tend to be rigid. So, as you plan their activities, plan for exceptions too. In other words, try to accommodate a few lapses and work on them.

If you must be a good nanny to infants, be fun.

Children do not like people who are too severe. When a nanny is too strict and rigid, the kids recline into their shells. The potentials in them remain hidden. Those kids will not interact with you and share ideas if you remain uptight. What then should you do? Loosen up; be friendlier and interact with them. You can play games with them. You can find as many games as possible here

While trying to be fun, it is noteworthy that you should not overdo it. By this, you should set limits to games, jokes, etc. When you overdo things, kids tend to go hyper, and stopping them is usually tricky.

Creatively become an excellent nanny to infants.

How to become a good nanny

Children love creativity. They like to see things emerge from nothing. If you are creative, the children will always want to have you around. And if kids begin to want you, you have their magic wand. For Nicole, she creates themes for every day. Each day has a theme, and each theme has lessons. She structures the day around colors. With these colors, she dresses, teaches, and feeds the kids. She looks for clothes with the chosen color and puts them on the kids. She also gives them snacks, fruits, or food that has the same color as the theme. And, of course, she creates exciting stories around that color or theme for the kids. Watch it here:

To be a good nanny to infants, you should take them for a walk.

Kids like sightseeing and appreciate whoever gives them the opportunity. They see you as a good nanny when you take them out. Whether in a stroller, bike, or on foot, kids enjoy taking a walk. As you walk, you talk and teach too. You can show them places and things of interest as you move on. Places to visit vary but are unlimited.

You may choose the neighborhood, cinema, mall, playground, park, and many other places. But be sure to keep them safe as you go. Stay away from danger-prone areas. Such areas are not safe for kids and even you. Also, go along with extra supplies in the case of emergencies. 

A good nanny loves their job.

Every good nanny must first love their job and enjoy it. Passion for a thing is usually first towards having a great experience in it. Passion for your job is the drive you need to keep at it. When passion is involved in a thing, it becomes very easy to accomplish.

A good nanny must be a good communicator.

How to become a good nanny

To be able to be termed a good nanny, communication is key. A good nanny requires good communication instincts on the job. If your charge or ward wants something, you should know what and how to get it done. That kid may not know how to speak, but your instincts should lead you right. Usually, an infant cries for several needs; you should know which it is. The kid may likely be hungry, thirsty, sleepy, pained, etc. It is your duty as a nanny to find out and solve the problem. So, as a good nanny, you should be able to communicate with your kids.

A good nanny to infants should be responsive.

As the kid’s nanny, they are under your care. You should respond to their needs and also be able to defend them. In cases where you need to punish them, you do so in love. And do not make them think you hate them.

There are so many things that one should do to become a good infants’ nanny. The ones listed above are just a few amongst many.

You may drop other clues you know on how to be a good nanny in the comment section below.

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